Monday, July 6, 2009

Ol'frens Gathering @ Tea Party at Kuarza Lane

After almost 20 years not seeing each other, finally I managed to organise a small gathering @ tea party for my karatz frens, the ex-suragaters of ITM Dungun. It was really a great pleasure to have them along with their children at my house. Actually, we only plan to have this gathering about a month ago when Anita told us that she's coming back for 2 months.. so myself and Umi plan to have it when she's around. I offered my house and be the host for the event, while Umi do the invitations, and decided Sunday, 5th July is the date. Invitation goes to the karatz frens only i.e Anne, Chiqin, Lyn, Daie, Umi and Intan. I'm very happy as everyone turns up on that special day.

I cook laksa johor (my speciality of course) for them whilst Anne brought some seri muka which she made it herself, Umi brought tiramisu/blackberry cake which she bought on the way to my house and Lyn with her durian mousse cake. We had our makan-makan sambil berborak "old newspaper" story... biasalah bila dah lama tak jumpa, ada aje criter yang nak disampaikan. Masing-masing tak menang mulut nak bercerita, rasa macam nak rewind and back to our college life laa pulak.. sambil berborak and makan, flash camera tak henti-henti sampai ada yang sakit mata akibat lampu flash tu.. especially Chiqin yang tak berapa suka nak bergambor, tak macam kitaorang yang lain-lain tu, pantang nampak camera terus posing. It was really fun and the meet was such a joy. Lastly, we had delicious food, great friends and a perfect ending for a long week (pinjam kata-kata Chiqin) .. I slept well that nite with a smile on my face. To all my dearest friends, thank you for being so supportive and glad we are friends!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Time Blogging

Salam and welcome to my blog.

Finally I created my own today. Thanks to my fren who has been bugging me to open one. I told her that I'm not good in writing but it doesnt matter. Perhaps it will be good to keep my brain working.